Andy Rubin Hints at Ice Cream Sandwich — Coming Soon

Andy Rubin, aka Father of Android, from whom Google bought Android OS way back in 2005, just shared a video of some children responding to questions of: What would you like in your dream phone. Interesting ques, right? Even I lost my way writing this post while figuring out what it would for me but the point is, one child drew (maybe he had foreseen, ha!) Ice Cream, with 3 scoops.

An one super child even murmured cupcakes — which is the first name your beloved OS received, in and as Android v1.5 Cupcake. Check the video here.

If you’re wonder what all this has to do with Android, well, the thing is, this ques was asked when Google formed Open Handset Alliance while announcing Android OS back in 2007. Now, why is it relevant for us now? Because, this is how Andy Rubin is hinting us that Ice Cream Sandwich OS is coming soon, that’s why the talk. We all know by now that on October 11, there is Google Episode at Samsung’s unpacked event at CTIA, where Google may unveil its next Nexus phone, together with next Android OS, v4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

What will make your dream phone, btw? Is it already done in Galaxy S2, or the Nexus Prime is that one device? Rather, I think most of us would think about some quad-core phones right away, with super AMOLED 3 display and stuff. Watchu say?

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