Androidify Android App: Valentine Gift from Google to Android!

Wow! what an app. It’s funny, entertaining and a great app to pass time with. Seriously. Androidify lets you create your own variant of the Google’s little buddy with unmatched level of ease.

Google’s just released the androidify app for Free on the android market and you can get your by following the download link below.


Play it with a little bit to get the real feel of what we’re talking about. Give him a dress to wear, hair style to impress with and a moustache to boast of and you can even color his skin, hand him a cup of tea or mark a kiss on his cheeks – too much fun this app really is.

We know you’re going to spend a lot of time with the androidify and will come out with some very cool androids too. So, we’ve some space-in-waiting for your favorite creature, just send him in to us at: We’ll put them right below with your name. So, what you’re waiting for – just read a tip below, though.

TIP: Using the “Save” option in the app’s menu will save your work but that won’t hand you an image file right there. So, to get an image file that would also show up in Gallery app, you can do this: Select “Share” from the app’s menu and than, tap on “Gallery Photo” – it will save an image file in the folder: sdcard-> Pictures –> Androidify.

By the way, here’s the output of our playtime with the app:


Share your droids with us and we’ll put them right here 🙂

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