Android Wear apps, the first ones!

As Google announced the Android Wear and two of the devices are up for pre-order, it’s now time for the Android  Wear apps to kick in. We have seen what Wear can do natively. Now we’ll see the what the first set of third party Android Wear apps have on offer, that are now available for Android Wear.


android wear paypal

PayPal has previously released their app for Samsung Smart watches, so its not their first entry to wearable devices. This app allows you to check-in to pay, redeem offers and check notifications. And also allows some voice commands. The app will be out for beta testing later this week.


android wear pinterest

Pinterest will notify when you are near a place that you have pinned before, also those places pinned by your friends. And when the notification pops up, you can swipe for more info or choose Navigate for directions to the venue.


android wear allthecooks

AlltheCooks shows recipes and their respective instruction right on your wrist. And it actively syncs that information with your phone, as you go forward step-by-step following a recipe.


android wear soundwave

Soundwave lets you share and save the song you’re listening to in Soundwave with a simple swipe. And you’ll also get notifications on your wrist when someone interacts with the songs you shared.


android wear eat24

You can now order Pizza right from your wrist, and Google had a demo of that at I/O. There’s also the previous items saved. It comes handy when ordering the same thing again.


android wear lyft

You can now request a car in Lyft from your wrist. You can also track your ride and rate your driver.

This is just the beginning. These Android wear apps show what a Wear watches are capable of. There are more to come, and it’ll be only a  matter of time when the platform develops to its full potential. Let’s wait and see!