Android to outdone iPhone with a 2 Ghz Motorola phone

Motorola has tested success with its Droid smart phone and now the Company wants more of it. We talked about the assault the Company is planning on the iPhone 4 with Droid Xtreme and Droid 2 flagship phones just other day, but it looks like the Company has more ambitions than we saw in above two phones.

Reportedly, its co-chief exec Sanjay Jha indicated what Moto is really up to. A behemoth 2 Ghz android phone at the end of the year, stated to offer everything technically possible. Well, that sounds totally cool.

Tech analysts see the smart phone as an answer to the rival Apple’s iPhone 4 and in order to be competent and pose serious threats to the Apple’s latest baby, the rumored Gigantic phone by Motorola would also feature the latest ‘gyroscope’ technology coupled with front facing camera and rear camera of at least 5MP. It is also planned to include a separate graphic processor based on nVidia’s Tegra with full flash 10.1 hardware acceleration.

Until then, the rumored HTC Scorpion was the undisputed king in terms of processing power with its 1.5 Snapdragon processor which was 1.5 times of what current generation of smart phones like Droid Incredible, Nexus One, HTC EVO, Samsung’s Galaxy 3, HTC HD2, etc feature.

Our guess?A 2 Ghz processor with a qwerty (Moto really love it) keyboard and android 3.0 with possible 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera with rich features of Cloud computing in Android should make the phone another holy cow after Droid. Surely Motorola got an ace in the Hole!

Not that we forget about screen size in our guess, you have a role to play here. So roll yourself in comments, See Ya. Any guess about Droid 3 or Nexus 2?

Via Conceivably Tech

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