[Update: Wednesday the 13th] Android Q to release today?

android q

Update [March 12, 2019]: Apparently, Android Q developer preview will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th. This is according to an observation made by keen users, who note that previous developer preview and beta releases took place on Wednesdays. To back this claim, the screenshot below was reportedly grabbed from a Google developer calendar and it indicates that Android Q beta OTA will arrive tomorrow.

Android Q beta release date

Original article continues below:

Every year around this time March/April, Google opens its beta program for the developers and Android enthusiasts around the world to test their new update out. Users are able to report any issues for the upcoming update as well, which Google actively monitors.

This year, we would be seeing the next sweet version of Android, Android Q, and it looks like we are hours away from its beta release that should be happening today only.

No, Google hasn’t revealed a launch date for this, but here’s why we think it may be released today. Google earlier created a new bug tracker page for Android Q and marked today’s date is when the reporting of the bugs would start.

This means Google knows users would want to report bugs from March 11, 2019, but this could happen only when users get Android Q in their hands, meaning the release date of Android Q.

Earlier, it was revealed that more devices from other OEMs will get Android Q beta right off the bat. Traditionally Google released developer programmes only for its pixel line of devices, but last year, for the first time Google released the beta versions to non-Pixel devices, and that included OnePlus 6, Essential PH-1, Mi Mix 2S, etc. The list of devices supporting Android Q is going to be more this time around. But we don’t think your shiny new Galaxy S10 will get the Q beta given that it released only a few days ago. Though, OnePlus 6T should be in the line again.

Android Q is expected pack in some amazing features and new improvements this year. It was hinted earlier that the back button will be done away, and there will lie only a single home button in Android Q.

Android Q might also be getting a system-wide dark theme, which is really a great move from Google. Find more features about Android Q here.