[Update: Rolling out again] Android Q beta 5 is now available!

Android Q beta 5

Update [July 11, 2019]: Google is seeding the Beta 5 OTA again. If you are on Beta 4, check for an update now.

Update [July 10, 2019]: The rollout has been halted. Google has temporarily stopped pushing out OTA updates because of users facing problems in installing the update.

Google just took the wraps off the 5th beta version of its upcoming OS release, Android Q. The beta 5 is now available for all the Pixel devices.

If you are already on Android beta 4, you may you shall be receiving beta 5 OTA update pretty soon.

Thanks to a certain leak, we already know that Android Q beta 5 brings improved gesture navigation feature called ‘Back sensitivity’ and dark boot animation.

Check out Android Q features here and if you wish to get Q now, see our how to install Android Q page here.

Android Q beta 5 downloads

Factory images

Device Android Q Beta 5 download link
Pixel sailfish-qpp5.190530.014-factory-de356cdb.zip
Pixel XL marlin-qpp5.190530.014-factory-f42f7d37.zip
Pixel 2 walleye-qpp5.190530.014-factory-7fa6523e.zip
Pixel 2 XL taimen-qpp5.190530.014-factory-087c105c.zip
Pixel 3 blueline-qpp5.190530.014-factory-9ba1779a.zip
Pixel 3 XL crosshatch-qpp5.190530.014-factory-6989b714.zip
Pixel 3a sargo-qpp5.190530.014-factory-115ed557.zip
Pixel 3a XL bonito-qpp5.190530.014-factory-ac43c4a1.zip

OTA files

Device Android Q beta 5 download link
Pixel sailfish-ota-qpp5.190530.014-ed0006b1.zip
Pixel XL marlin-ota-qpp5.190530.014-124e07ae.zip
Pixel 2 walleye-ota-qpp5.190530.014-5a1fe909.zip
Pixel 2 XL taimen-ota-qpp5.190530.014-f0aee146.zip
Pixel 3 blueline-ota-qpp5.190530.014-c43d3075.zip
Pixel 3 XL crosshatch-ota-qpp5.190530.014-59f4ad4b.zip
Pixel 3a sargo-ota-qpp5.190530.014-a5d6a304.zip
Pixel 3a XL bonito-ota-qpp5.190530.014-788eed4e.zip

Let us know if you need any helping installing the Android Q beta 5. Or any new changes that you have spotted on beta 5.

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