Android Oreo update for Honor 8 may arrive soon

It’s probably not the first time you’ve seen such a headline yet until now, there’s still no Android Oreo for your Huawei Honor 8 device.

It first happened last year when the company seemingly confirmed that the Honor 8 will be upgraded to Android Oreo and EMUI 8.0 at some point. Several weeks later and the narrative had changed, with claims that the Honor 8 wasn’t going to get Oreo due to hardware incompatibility issues.

In the eyes of many, the Honor 8 is a very capable handset and while Honor has done everything to make us believe Oreo can’t work on the device, it appears the tables might have been turned. Apparently, a good number of those using it can search and find an Oreo-based firmware using the company’s Firmware Finder program.

If the firmware finder can locate the Honor 8 Oreo ROM in Huawei’s servers, it means that the OS is probably on the way and may be released soon. Even more interesting is that we also have a direct download link to the said firmware, which weighs about 1.3GB.

Also, a changelog has been attached to the firmware, which is as shared below.

Honor 8 Oreo update changelog

According to Huawei, the latest update, which has build number B504, brings the following changes to the Honor 8:

  • EMUI 8.0 not only brings you the latest version of Android (8.0), it’s also boosted with a lot of great features and improvements to make your device more intuitive, faster and safer.
  • Smarter Smart recommendations anticipate the services you need and give you timely suggestions; HiVoice can answer your calls, check your system, and search for settings at your command whereas HiBoard lets you track your packages and manage bookmarked articles with ease; Faster AI-based optimizations deliver greater stability, fluidity, and speed. The system boots faster, videos are more fluid, and image thumbnails load in a flash; Safer Updates to TrustSpace and Find my phone offer greater payment security; Cooler Take sweeping 3D panoramas, set 3D dynamic lock screen wallpapers, and discover new possibilities with a host of new features and settings.
  • New ways of interacting; Adds 3D panorama in Camera, which enables you to take 3D dynamic images to show your life in more perspectives; Adds a feature enabling you to add 3D dynamic images to Magazine unlock images. Enjoy images from different angles; A new floating Navigation dock lets you perform frequently-used operations from anywhere on the screen; Improved touch-disable functionality reduces unintended operations on the touchscreen in a wider range of scenarios; Enjoy exclusive preloaded theme. Smart features; HiTouch lets you quickly isolate keywords from onscreen text and get links to related services such as restaurants, hotels, movies, and more. Simply hold two fingers on the text to generate keyword and service cards; HiVoice communicates with you more fluidly and understands you better. Use simple voice commands to enable or disable features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or ask for information about the status of your device (Voice commands only available in Chinese); Smart tips recommend you faster and smarter ways to operate your phone, appearing in specific usage scenarios and responding to your usage habits; HiBoard (accessed by swiping right on the home screen) now features a Save for later feature that lets you save social media posts and news articles as cards for later reading; HiBoard now features an Instant access feature that lets you access frequently used services in a single step. Make QR code payments, hail a taxi, or make a restaurant reservation with ease; HiBoard now features delivery cards that you can use to keep track of your packages. Get onscreen collection prompts when you approach parcel lockers; HiBoard now features SkyTone cards which you can use to quickly activate SkyTone and purchase data packages. Enhanced security; TrustSpace now provides protection for more than 500 apps; Find my phone now lets you track your phone’s movements and extend its battery life to increase your chances of retrieving it. Higher efficiency; Contacts and Email now let you sync the career details of your LinkedIn contacts; Settings has been redesigned for clearer and more intuitive organization. Voice commands can now be used to search for and change settings; Gallery now features a recycle bin that retains deleted photos for up to 30 days. Accidentally deleted photos can be restored with a single touch; Phone Manager has been simplified to make managing your device easier. Standard cleanups are faster and deep cleanups more thorough; Recorder now features speech-to-text conversion.
  • Automatic time zone uses location information to set a time zone when Location information is enabled; Due to the redesign of Settings, the location of certification logos, legal information, and regulatory information (if applicable) has been altered; To improve your experience, Smart notifications and Smart SMS templates will be updated when you are connected to Wi-Fi. You can disable auto-updates in Settings; Magazine unlock 3D dynamic images are provided by third parties. Therefore, related information, including your device model and operating system, will be provided to third parties when you browsing 3D dynamic images.

Huawei Honor 8 EMUI 8.0 download link

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