Android Oreo New Feature: Apps can have Multiple Instances (upto 8 perhaps)

Android O multiple app instance

Upon opening the Files app, you get familiar layout of Downloads app, but hit that 3-dot menu button and you get a new option called ‘New Window‘.

Well, hit that and you see your Files app opening up. Again? Well, hit that recents button now, and you would see two Files app running there. What’s more is that hit that ‘New Window’ button again and you can open as many instances as you want.

Well, not exactly though, as it seems although you can open as many windows as you want, system will keep only latest 8 instanced of the app in memory, as we could find only 8 instances of the File app, even after opening new instances for about 15 times.

Is it same as the ‘merge apps and tabs’ we’ve seen for so long from Google? We don’t know.

But it sure looks like ‘merge apps and tabs’ on steroids. Or simply an app can have two windows open, or sure, two instances opened at a time, but they might be sharing same profile — that is to say, if Facebook’s app ever does this, you would be using same Facebook ID on both instances of the Facebook app.

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