Android 9 Pie update arrives on Samsung Galaxy A8+

Galaxy A8 Plus Back

Samsung promised Galaxy A8+ users that Android 9 Pie update will arrive in March 2019 and for sure, the Korean company has managed to keep its word.

Software update timelines are never easy to keep, but somehow, Samsung has managed to come through for users of the 2018 Galaxy A8+. The device’s Android Pie firmware has appeared online carrying version A730FXXU4CSB9, but so far, this has only been spotted in Russia.

From the look of things, it appears the firmware has just been made public, with the official OTA rollout yet to begin or just about to. Do let us know if you have received the update on your A8+ already.

So far, we don’t know which market the update will head to after Russia, but considering the same model number SM-A730F is sold globally, it shouldn’t be long before other regions join the party.

Besides Pie, the update also installs a new Android security patch for February 2019, which, of course, isn’t the latest version available, but that won’t be a big deal for many who have been waiting for the Pie update.

The standard Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 is also expected to receive the update to Android 9 Pie pretty soon, especially since the duo has the same hardware.


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