Amazon Updates Kindle Fire HD 7″ to version 7.1.5

A software update to version 7.1.5 is available for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” and can be easily downloaded from the company’s official updates page.

To check if your Kindle Fire HD is already updated or not, go to system settings and check the system version, if it’s anything other than ‘Version 7.1.5’ than you gotta download it and update it manually.

Or you can just wait for your Kindle Fire HD to embrace you with a notification to download the latest update to your tablet directly. That’s if you want to wait, otherwise there’s a neat and simple guide at the Amazon’s updates page itself that you can follow without any risks and update your tablet right this instance.

To download the update manually go to this link.

What this update fixes or brings new (if any) to the Kindle Fire HD 7″ is not known yet but you can follow the XDA page linked below for the feedback from users.

Update: Amazon has also updated the Kindle Fire 2nd generation to version 10.1.3. Both the updates have come with release of the new family of Kindle Fire tablets in the market today. Seems like Amazon wants to fix something as soon as people open their new Kindle Fire(s) and connect it to the internet.

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