Amazon could be the last piece in the T-Mobile-Sprint merger

T-Mobile and Sprint merger

The discussions to merge T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth biggest carriers in the U.S., have been ongoing for months now, but to date, the parties involved are yet to come to an agreement.

For the merger to go through, authorities now want T-Mobile and Sprint to work out how a fourth carrier will be born out of their merger, ensuring that the U.S. telecommunications industry still has at least four major carriers, that is, Verizon, AT&T, New T-Mobile, and carrier X.

Apparently, Reuters reports that Amazon could provide the last piece in the jigsaw by acquiring Sprint-operated Boost Mobile and form a fourth carrier.

While this could be an easy way out for both T-Mobile and Sprint, the deal will be complicated by the agreement between the two carriers that Sprint gets rid of Boost Mobile as part of the merger deal. Since Boost Mobile runs on Sprint’s network, it will be interesting to see how this turns out, especially with the claims that Amazon could also get access to New T-Mobile’s network for 6+ years and even buy some spectrum from them.

T-Mobile and Sprint merger

If the deal goes through, though, Amazon would part with anywhere between $3 billion and $4.5 billion to acquire Boost Mobile, gaining access to a market with about 8 million active users.

Whatever Amazon wants Boost Mobile for is unknown to us, but come to think of it – how would it sound if your Amazon Prime subscription came with unlimited 5G data, talk, and text?


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