ADW Elegant Theme: Must Grab for Users of ADW Launcher Android App

ADW.Elegant Theme

The ADW Launcher is quite popular home replacement app for gphone users. And most people just love it because of the themes available for it in the android market. While there are plenty of themes to go for, the one that impressed us fairly well is the ADW Elegant Theme, which we think every user of ADW Launcher should give a try!


  • Requires ADW Launcher in use — that is to say, version 1.01 or above should be installed and set as default home launcher
  • The concept of the theme is taken from Jeddipotsy, a member of XDA Forums
  • Credit for the striking icons used in the theme goes to Evan Brooks (
  • BTW, it should be amply clear now that the app is simply useless on its own and you gotta use it with ADW Launcher’s correct version given above. Right?

Well, the screen shots of the theme above speak clearly that one should try this theme, for all its elegance and beauty. Let us know, how much you like it.

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