7 ways Moto E is defeated by Lenovo A6000

We’re liking the Moto E, and that’s the fact even though it’s a kind-of blunder for specs fans, but because it’s quite unique in a very, very Motorola way. The new Motorola Bands and Motorola Grip Shells, along with the Moto X’s design in use on Moto E, let alone that delicious Android 5.0.x Lollipop OS out of the box, really make it one of the best devices in its range, one that you can buy without doing a lot of homework before buying.

But, as you must have guessed, it’s not perfect. In fact, far from perfect, considering what goodies other OEMs, the popular and well-known ones, get you at Moto E’s price of INR6,999, or global price of $119.99. Case in point, Motorola’s parent company’s product, Lenovo A6000 (our review), that throws into the mix an HD display, sleek and slimmer body, and much improved camera apart from the maybe-gimmicky Dolby Digital Plus toting dual speakers.

There are as many as 7 ways wherein Lenovo A6000 wins on Moto E. Check them out below.

→ Do notice that we’re taking into consideration the 3G version of Moto E here, which costs the same as A6000, and not the 4G version, which houses a better processor apart from LTE added, but costs even higher, $149.99.

1. Display

The most important item in the spec-sheet, for many people of not all. And this is where Moto E is a big let-down, featuring a meager qHD resolution toting 4.5″ display, that scores out-of-fashion 245PPI. On the contrary, Lenovo A6000 gets you cool sharp and crisp 293PPI totaling 5.0″ HD display, that brilliantly bright, too. It’s the best display in its range, hand-down.

2. Camera

As we found in our review, linked above, the 8MP rear camera is quite an able one, and given Motorola’s history with camera, even taking account of its flagships’ cameras, there is nothing much to expect from the 5MP sensor at A6000’s back. Sure it would shoot decent enough photos pretty fast, but A6000 would be noticeably better.

The 2MP front facing camera is an obvious winner against the VGA 0.3MP one slapped on Moto E’s face.

3. Processor

The 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor runs the show in case of Lenovo A6000, while the 3G version of Moto E houses 32-bit Snapdragon 200 processor, that’s inferior to the former by some distance. Yes, the LTE Moto E, that costs much more than Lenovo A6000 houses the same processor as the latter, but because of the price difference, Lenovo A6000 still is a better deal. The 3G Moto E relies on Adreno 302 GPU, while both Lenovo A6000 and 4G Moto E have Adreno 306 GPU on board.

4. Design

We love Moto E’s Moto X inspired design, which is slightly more better than Moto G because of use of Motorola Bands, but if you don’t want a heavy and thick phone, Lenovo A6000 is what you want. At just 8.2mm, and featuring a Galaxy S2 like design with slightly rounded soft back cover, and weighing in just 128 grams, A6000 is delight to use, and it’s so, so sober in looks. Moto E is pretty heavy at 145 grams, though, and its curvy back is 5.2mm at edges, while 12.3mm at the center of the back. Even though that kind of back makes it very nice to hold, it definitely feels thick, while that’s not the case with A6000.

5. Battery Life

Yes, Motorola is promising a full day battery life on Moto E, and with a 2390mAh battery in tow along with stock Android 5.0 build that’s quite light on battery, that doesn’t sound like misleading at all. But we’ve used Lenovo A6000, and its battery life is the best right now, more than 24 hours for an average user. Although possible, there remains some doubt Moto E can’t best Lenovo A6000 to the crown of battery performance.

6. Dolby speakers

We’re yet to see how Moto E’s loudspeaker performs, but there is little hope it could match the A6000’s dual speakers, that uses Dolby Digital Plus tech.

7. 4G LTE

The 3G version obviously doesn’t have the 4G LTE connectivity, while the equally priced Lenovo A6000 has it.

What do you think, so?

A case for Moto E!

But by the way, here are some things that Motorola does is better, in fact the best. The Lollipop comes pre-installed, which is unique to Moto E under its range, and there is also almost a guarantee of Moto E getting future updates way sooner than its competition. And if you don’t want a sober looking phone, than Moto E is way better choice.

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