5 best websites to stream Anime

One cannot deny that this is a great time to be alive, at least in terms of access to great content. There is an intense focus on producing excellent content in every possible written and visual form. Anime shows are one particular form that has seen some really bad days and still survived to become a global phenomenon today.

The most important aspect that is popularizing Anime is how accessible it is. From community forums to HD quality streaming websites, anime is a powerful force on the internet and it is steadily gaining more traction as we speak.

The anime industry has an army of manga authors who steadfastly churn out rich, diverse content that is not just wildly popular with otakus in Japan, but also globally. Chances are you probably stumbled on an anime soundtrack on YouTube and got curious about the show. There are very convenient options to watch it.

Best websites to stream Anime

Here are various cool websites where you can satisfy your anime content thirst. Check them out.


KissAnime is the most popular choice on our list. You will get multiple streaming link options and even mobile friendly player options. Every possible anime you could ever want to watch will definitely be available here.

You can find the newest releases, most popular and recent shows systematically divided into separate sections. There is also a search bar that you can use if you’re looking for a very specific genre or anime.

The level of organization and priority to on-going shows make KissAnime extremely user-friendly. The site provides HD videos and ads are the one biggest drawback that cannot be ignored, but in this case, at least managed fine.

Anime Simple

As the name suggests, this site has a pretty simple and clean design. Anime Simple has a great filter system for shows, that coupled with the fact that it streams most shows available makes this one a great option.

The comprehensive filter system lets you choose even the season of a release year and this really matters. One show can have not just multiple seasons, but even OVAs, ONAs, movies, and specials, especially long-running shows.

Another lovely aspect of Anime Simple is how beautifully the episodes are divided into folders with sub and dub separated. This site is comparatively newer than KissAnime, but it will catch up soon, especially because of the HD streaming experience. Oh, and we only encountered the one ad that always pop-up before a video plays and it was perfectly decent too. (but don’t rely on that to be the case always. Ad Blockers play a major role in this)


Watchanime has most anime shows, mainstream and otherwise. However, it is not as easy to get to these shows as it is in Anime Simple. One major aspect that this site needs is a decent filter system.

But otherwise, this website actually over-delivers. There are multiple mirrors for one video so you can test out which one is fastest. The ad experience was also similar to what we experienced on Anime Simple. Also, they have a better variety than Anime Simple.

Watchanime is actually a great choice for seasoned anime watchers. If you know what you’re looking for and want to avoid dealing too much with ads, this one is a great choice.


This site earns major brownie points for a completely ad-free experience as long as you have ad blockers on. But still, it shows comparatively lesser ads that a lot of other streaming sites.

Kuroani also has a fairly decent interface that displays the newest episodes first. Also, there is a link to Discord, the anime community where you can request animes that are missing from this site. The non-intrusive way in which they have achieved is really worth mentioning. It’s nice to not be bombarded with comments and ratings wherever you move your eyes.

While this site could still use some improvements and it is a work-in-progress, we appreciate how well it is managing its content and keeping the ads to a minimum.


It does make a difference when you get a paid subscription. Crunchyroll is pretty much the only paid subscription with a very comprehensive set of shows available on this almost decade-old website.

If you are skeptical about this one, we recommend taking the 14-day trial to see if you want to get on-board. Honestly, Crunchyroll could really work to build a cleaner interface and reduce the amount of clutter on show listing pages and the news section.

While there are better streaming options available, Crunchyroll has an upper hand because it delivers content from leading media producers directly and they give access to simulcasts as well.

If you are an Otaku, this paid subscription might be something you will really enjoy, especially for the quick content delivery.

Here’s an important tip before you decide to venture on your anime journey, many free streaming sites tend to go down and come back as mirror sites and proxy. KissAnime has already done this once and we’re sure the other options will go through this too. In such cases, simple type the main name, for example, ‘Kissanime’ in Google or any other search and you will see the proxy site with the same content as the original.

Sometimes though, sites do go down permanently and it’s better to be aware. Masterani.me and Animeseason.com are two such popular sites that don’t work anymore.

Have a safe and fun anime streaming experience! Let us know if we a beat in the comments.


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