15 Great Christmas Gifts for Dad From Daughter

What do you get the man who has been playing Santa for all your life? This is the question that many daughters have on their minds when the holiday season rolls around. Giving dads gifts are a difficult task. You do not want to give a gift that will be pushed into the back of the cupboard or forgotten in the garage. Forget about coffee mugs and generic cards this Christmas. Give your dad a gift that he will remember and use. There are many things that fathers tend to not buy for themselves. You can give them the gift they least expected.

You do not have to break your bank trying to show your father how much you love him. Here are some gift ideas perfect for dads:

1. Ugly sweater

Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater!

Nana may not be knitting ugly sweaters for the whole family anymore but why should dad be spared the embarrassment. Gift him an ugly sweater that says “Feliz Navi  Dad”. You can even find vintage-looking sweaters to give him the nostalgic feel of family Christmas from his childhood. Even if woolen sweaters are out of your budget, within $30 you will easily find blended fabric sweaters with hilarious prints on them.

2. Christmas tree ornament

If your family has set a the gift amount to be extremely low then gifting a Christmas ornament is the ideal choice. You can find a personalized Christmas ornament on which you can put the names of your family memebers. Within $20 you have a plathora of choices to choose from.

3. Bottle cap map

Encouraging your dad to get a hobby is a great gift. If your father loves to travel then he will surely appreciate this gift as well. Bottle cap maps for states, countries, and continents are available on Etsy. Starting from $30 the price of the wall decoration varies depending on the map you choose. Using this product your dad can display bottle caps that he goes on to collect from different places.

4. Custom portrait

You can share an immortalized moment with your father by getting a custom portrait. There are different variations of custom portraits that your dad can hang in his own space. You can get a cartoon drawing of a picture framed as a memory of a special moment. You can get caricature drawings framed. You can even insert your family into Simpson’s world and frame your family on their famous couch.

This is also a good DIY gift idea if you can draw or get the custom portrait printed. All you need to do is frame it and gift it to your dad.

5. Gift a subscription

Give your dad a gift not just for the holidays but for the year. There are a number of weekly and monthly subscriptions out there that you can put your dad on. If your dad loves craft beer then you can gift him a membership to the Craft Beer Club. To gift them a regular supply of his morning pick-me-up gift a coffee subscription. Want to give your dad’s lifestyle a boost? Gift a Breo Box subscription. There are numerous companies offering subscriptions to their services. Pick the one your dad will enjoy the most.

6. Organizers

Your dad may have helped you stay organized throughout your childhood, it is time you helped him with staying organized. Many dads avoid splurging on items that can help organize their things. Magnetic tool holders and magnetic tool belts can help your dad keep track of all his tools. If your dad is the master of the kitchen, a magnetic knife holder is also an apt gift. A custom tabletop organizer is ideal for your dad’s desk. These come with a phone docking station and multiple appropriate spaces for him to keep his wallet, keys, glasses, pens, and more. Keep your dad from getting tangled in cables by gifting him a personalized cable organizer. Think of ways by which you can help your dad have a decluttered life.

7. Custom bracelet

Whether your dad loves to wear bling or not, this heartfelt gift will let him have his family close. On Etsy, you can get personalized braided rope bracelets with beads that have names on them. You can choose to put your name, the names of your siblings, or the names of every family member on the bracelet.

8. Golf accessories

Get your dad out of the house and onto the greens with golfing accessories. Depending on your budget you can splurge on your dad’s favorite weekend activity. A personalized golf ball marker can help your dad stay on his game. Let him tee off with a personalized tee bag and tees. His eyes will remain on the ball if you gift him customized colorful golf balls. Get your dad excited for golf season with these accessories as a Christmas gift.

9. Family map

This is a very thoughtful gift if you and your siblings do not stay in the same geographic location as your parents. Family maps are basically decorations with maps of places where each of the family members are living. Family maps can be framed and put on walls.

You can also find throw pillow covers with family maps.

These customized maps will keep your family close even when you have to leave after Christmas.

10. Personalized tools

Whether your dad likes fixing things around the house or popping open a bottle of wine, you can find personalized tools to gift. Gift him a new addition to his tool kit in the form of a hammer with a personalized wooden handle. If your dad loves to garden then you can give him gardening tools with his name on the handles. A gift perfect for celebrations would be an engraved wine toolset.

11. Personalized cigar accessories

A stunning piece for your dad to add to his home decor is a decorative cigar guillotine and ashtray. Whether your father enjoys the occasional smoke or is unlikely to have cigars around the house, this piece is an excellent conversation starter.

If your father does indulge in cigars then you can gift him a personalized cigar box for him to store his stash. You can even gift him a custom cigar lighter or a cigar case and cutter set.

12. Custom signs

Has your father claimed a certain part of the home as his fortress of solitude? This Chirstmas help him proclaim the space as his own. Give him a sign to put near his garage, workshop, BBQ area, or shed. He will be happy to put up the sign where he loves retreating to for some good R&R.

With your dad possibly working from home he does need his workspace to be devoid of distractions. You can even gift him a sign he can put on the door of his home office.

13. Bluetooth tracking device

Save your mom the trouble of your dad’s constant “Honey, where are my keys?” and “Honey, where is my wallet?” This extremely useful gift is something both your parents will enjoy. At under $30 Tile Pro and Tile Matt are sleek Bluetooth tracking devices that can be attached to bags and keys as well as inserted into wallets. Using an app on your father’s phone he can track down his misplaced items within the home. Thousands of users on Amazon have rated the products over 4.5 stars.

You can also look for other similar Bluetooth tracking devices.

14. Bluetooth beanie

Keep your dad’s noggin warm while letting him continue grooving to his favorite beats. Order a Bluetooth beanie for him. This gift at under $30 will not take a big chunk of your holiday shopping budget. There are multiple brands selling Bluetooth beanies on Amazon. Go for the ones which offer the best battery and have the best reviews.

15. Socks 

From the sock recipient to the sock gifter, it is time you turned the tables on your dad. Star Wars theme socks that proclaim your father the best in the galaxy will keep is flattered feet warm. You can even gift him personalized socks with your images printed on them. If your dad is a Harry Potter fan gift him a “Free Dobby” sock hanger for the laundry room.

Let us know what you are gifting your dad this Christmas.