You can now attach GIFs, photos and videos for retweets

Twitter has finally done it. Today is the day users can finally start retweeting posts with GIFs, photos (up to four) and a video.  It looks like Twitter has been updating its features and this one is just a part of it. Nevertheless, users have been asking for this feature for a while now and it’s finally available for iOS, Android, and mobile browsers.

In fact, popular handles like @GameOfThrones are already retweeting with GIFs after just a few hours of this feature going live. But it was not easy to enable this ‘retweet with GIF’ feature even though it seems simple enough. Twitter had to incorporate this feature whilst maintaining the design and functionality nuances of the platform.

Twitter even explained how the team achieved this feat. In a retweet, Twitter Design explained, ” To improve comprehension, we focused on creating hierarchy, prioritizing the author’s voice, and providing more context around the Tweet being Retweeted.”

The end result is a clearer visual hierarchy with a condensed inner Tweet. The design even includes the avatar in the inner Tweet to help you see who’s talking along with a simple box container for ease of interaction.  Here’s what the final design looks like.

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