You Can Add Six Phone Numbers to Your Smartphone with Flyp App

flyp app

Flyp is new application launched to let you have up to six phone numbers and use them simultaneously on a single smartphone. This way, you can assign each number for a different purpose and manage them effectively.

Interestingly, Flyp application manages all the numbers without missing out any text messages, voicemails and notifications. The application follows a different concept that that followed by disposable number apps such as Burner and Hushed.

flyp app

Flyp numbers are permanent and you can keep them as long as you want by simply paying the monthly bills. Flyp can help you in handling a large number of incoming calls. The app features Quick Reply text messages and sound profiles as well. This way, you can set some numbers to the silent mode while the others will continue to ring. Interestingly, these are usual phone numbers and you will not need a data connection to make use of Flyp.

Notably, the first number is free and other additional premium numbers will cost $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. You can have a maximum of six different phone numbers in your phone using this app.

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