YotaPhone 3 specs and images leak out

Remember Yota Devices, the Russian manufacturer which first came out with dual screen phones way back in 2012. The company is back with their third gen smartphone dubbed as the YotaPhone 3, a leak suggests. And yes, even this product has the unique dual screen – that is a screen at the rear in addition to the traditional front screen.

This does remind us of Meizu Pro 7. But the rear display on YotaPhone 3 will be much larger than the Meizu device. In fact, the entire back side of the phone will act as the second display that should stay on 24 hours a day and show us general day-to-day information. If bezel-less phones are something which you think is a futuristic device, wait till you stumble upon YotaPhone 3.

The leaked images have got us drooling all over the phone. Must say, the company has come a long way from its first YotaPhone, in terms of design. Although, in the front it does bear pronounced top and bottom bezels, it looks much polished and in sync with the new-gen smartphones compared to its two predecessors.

It’s not only the images, the tipster has also got us a sneak peek at the features of the YotaPhone 3 which is said to carry Snapdragon 625 processor hooked on to 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB expandable storage. It will rock 13MP rear camera and 12MP selfie snapper. Both the screens will be kept on by a 3200mAh battery.

We agree that the specifications are not something to kill for but the reasonable price attached to the phone justifies all. The leak mentions that 64GB version of YotaPhone 3 will cost $350 while the 128GB version will set you back by $450.

Now comes the release date which is set for August 23. Have seen the date before? Well, it is the same date when Samsung’ flagship Galaxy Note 8 phablet will be launched so also Meizu M6 Note. Obviously, there seems no threat to Samsung from Yota, but those bored of bezel-less devices and looking for some innovation in the stagnant Android market have something to look forward next week.  Lastly, the venue is set to be the Russian consulate in Beijing.

Via: Weibo

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