Yay, Group Video Call feature is now available on Google Duo, but not for all

Google Duo group video calling

Google’s video calling app on Android, Google Duo, has been making major moves lately. We recently saw it get a web version and soon after it was made available for Google Home users.

Google has even managed to convince OnePlus to bake Duo right into OxygenOS. Apparently, the search giant isn’t stopping there, with support for group video calling next in line.

Reports just coming in confirm Google Duo is now receiving support for group video calling in select regions, beginning with Indonesia. The country’s official Google account tweeted that the feature will begin showing up during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Duo group video calls will accommodate a maximum of 4 people, the same number as WhatsApp group video calls but still way far behind Skype, which lets users add up to 24 others in a single group video call.

It’s still unclear whether users will be able to add and remove participants to an ongoing video call or this should happen at the beginning of the call. Hopefully, the former prevails.

As noted, Indonesia will get it first, but we can’t tell which region is next, although it’s confirmed the initial rollout is targeting select regions.

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