Xperia Arc’s Launcher App Customized for Galaxy S2


It’s a fact that we cannot ignore, Sony has one of the finest UI for Android phones. And the launcher app that we’ve seen in Xperia Arc and other Gingerbread running Xperia devices is pretty cool too.

A few geeks over at XDA have tweaked the launcher app to run on Galaxy S2. This means that you can now enjoy the amazingly fast and smooth launcher app from Sony on your S2.

The modified app for S2 includes 7 different screens instead of the 5 screens that are available for Sony devices. There are also improvements with the graphics like new folder icons, pinch gesture to get flying widgets and much more.

To try the app just download the .apk file from here. So far the app has not reported any signs of lagging or any other glitches but if any problem with the app make sure you comment and let other users know what is wrong, and even if you don’t find anything wrong, it dose not hurt to share your experience about the app with other users.

Note: To get the app for other android devices just check this link.