Xiaomi Mi4 India Release set for January End

Xiaomi Mi4 India Release Date

You know, for tech worshipers in India, it’s quite soul-breaking to wait that much for the arrival of some fantastic devices — ahem, hello Mi Note and Mi Note Pro — when our neighbors (Chinese, in this case) get to feast on them many many ago. Look no further than Xiaomi’s own Mi3, which was released in China back in October ’13 while it arrived in India only by July 14. Almost same is the case with its successor this time around, the Mi4, which saw the light of the day in China in July ’14, while it’s taking it full 7 months to cross Himalayas.

Xiaomi’s India head, one cool guy by the name of Manu Kumar Jain, confirmed this today that Mi4 hopefuls can start saving for their favorite device as the company is planning to launch the Mi4 in India by January end — which is around the same time our lucky Chinese neighbors would have the option of taking home the awesome devices, Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, that were announced by the company earlier today, along with Mi Box Mini and Mi Headphones.

Anyway, like Mi3, I’m sure Indians will give huge response to Mi4 sale, which we hope this time around garners attention of Xiaomi execs, for early launch of its device in the country. After all, Xiaomi Mi Note handsets are the trendsetter devices of year 2015, and going on forward, all respective flagship devices from Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC and the like are gonna have tough time going one-on-one in comparisons with the Mi Note Pro — given the price and specs note pro is loaded with.

Still, we just know tat the new Mi Note sets would take good deal of time to land on our soil, so we would gladly accept the Mi4 for now.

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