Xiaomi Mi A1: Download the camera app port of OnePlus 5T

Xiaomi Mi A1

OnePlus has risen from being one of the underdogs in the large and competitive Android phone market to the top tier in just a few years. Apart from offering devices that are worth every penny you put into them, OnePlus has evolved with a powerful OxygenOS software which offers pure Android performance and more.

The similar pure Android design is now being offered by the fellow Chinese brand Xiaomi in the form of the Mi A1 Android One smartphone. Similar to the dual-lens setup on the OnePlus 5T, the Xiaomi Mi A1 also comes with the dual lens camera, but the Google Camera app has been less than perfect for many users, especially when it comes to manual photography.

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XDA user shubham8 has devised a solution to get the best of OnePlus 5T over to the Mi A1 in the form of its Camera app. The OOS Camera and Gallery app have been ported to the Mi A1, and is not only available for flashing through Magisk module, but also available for the non-rooted users through an APK file.

For those who have a rooted Xiaomi Mi A1, you can simply flash the .ZIP file with OnePlus Camera and OnePlus Gallery using this download link. If your Mi A1 is not rooted, you can still get the OnePlus Camera app by installing the APK file (download Here).

Note: Features like the ability to add watermark to every image, the Pro Mode for manually controlling the camera, the Slow-Mo mode and the Time Lapse mode work on the OnePlus Camera app. However, the app does not offer the Portrait Mode feature as of yet.

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