Workaround for publishing themes for Themer on Play Store

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The Themer app by the folks over at MyColorScreen does a very neat job at customizing Android devices with just one tap on the screen. The app is still in beta and many users are waiting to get an invitation code for using the beta version, and likewise theme developers too are itching their hands to make awesome, creative themes for Themer.

However, there’s something about the way Themer works that theme developers couldn’t get their themes for Themer published in open to the users. The app works in such a way (since the last update) that it requires users to be logged in to the app to be able to download and even use themes that are already downloaded on the phone.

Also, for the time being, developers are to send their themes for Themer to the admin at MyColorScreen to be included in the themes directory of the app, which is restricted to logged in users only with no feedback system for the theme developers.

So, for developers who want an open system like Play Store to publish their themes and get direct feedback from users, XDA user EatHeat has posted a neat workaround for developers to pack their themes to an app, which can be published to the Play Store for everyone to download and install. The themes packed in the app would appear in “Exported” section of the Themer app.

EatHeat has posted his sneaky trick on GitHub for everyone to use and publish themes for Themer on Play Store. To learn more, head on to this XDA thread.


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