Why Is My Discord Avatar Blurry? How to Fix

If you’re a gamer, then you’re likely familiar with Discord — a community-building social platform that allows you to create individual servers based on your interests. Each server can then have individual channels for different tasks with the ability to voice chat in each channel.

Discord also allows you to use a custom avatar as your profile picture to show off your personality in your favorite communities. However, recently many users have been facing an issue where their avatar ends up being blurry on Discord. If you’re in the same boat, then here’s all you need to know about this issue and how you can fix it for your Discord profile. Let’s get started. 

Why is your Discord avatar blurry

There are a couple of reasons that can cause your avatar to be blurry on Discord. The first being the most common one, are connection errors. Connection errors have long been known to cause blurry photos not only on Discord but on other social media platforms as well. If you uploaded your profile picture on a slow network or faced any outages when uploading your image, then it is likely the reason why your avatar is blurry on Discord.

Another reason for blurry avatars is a well-known mobile and desktop app glitch. This glitch was well-documented by Discord and supposedly fixed a few months ago. But many users still end up facing this glitch around the world every now and then. So if you’re facing this issue after uploading your image using the desktop and mobile app, then it is likely the reason why your avatar is blurry.

The last known reason for blurry avatars is incorrect detection by Discord’s algorithm. Discord’s automated algorithm scans each uploaded profile image to detect NSFW material and blur it accordingly. It could be that the algorithm has incorrectly detected your profile image, and thus it is blurred on the platform. This usually happens to be the case with chaotic and low-resolution images. So if you’re using an image with a lot of noise, then it is likely the reason why your avatar is blurry on Discord.

How to fix a blurry Discord avatar

You can fix blurry Discord avatars by uploading your profile image using the Discord website on a PC instead. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Open Discord.com in your preferred browser, and log into your account if needed.

Now click the Cog (Settingsicon in the bottom right corner beside your Discord username.

Click Edit User Profile.

Now click Remove Avatar.

Once your avatar has been removed, click Change Avatar.

Click and select Upload Image.

Click and select the image you like from your PC.

Click Open.

Use the slider to adjust the Zoom on your image. 

Click and drag the image to reposition it in the frame. 

If you don’t wish to make any edits, you can click Skip.

Click Apply if you edited the image. 

Click Save Changes at the bottom once you’re done.

Your avatar will now be changed on Discord, and it should no longer be blurry whether you use the website or app version of Discord.

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