What is the Instagram live record right now?

Do you want to guess what the record for the highest number of viewers on an Instagram live feed is? Thousands? Millions? Read on to find out what the record is, and who currently holds it!

In November 2016, Instagram updated its app to include ‘Instagram Live’. This function allows users to broadcast live video streams of themselves through the Instagram app itself. The feature was immediately taken up by influencers and artists alike to bring their followers closer and create a personalized bond.

While Instagram live is now being used on a smaller scale by private users to showcase their talents among other things, the viewership of these live feeds pales in comparison to some of the big-time influencers.

What is Instagram live record

An Instagram live feed shows you the number of viewers watching the video at any given point of time. This number keeps fluctuating as users join and leave the live feed. Unlike a regular video where you can easily count the number of views by other users, an Instagram live record is calculated by the highest number of viewers recorded at that point in time.

The record does not count the total aggregate of viewers over the course of the whole live feed. This means that the Instagram live record indicates the total number of viewers that were actively watching the live feed at the same time.

Which Instagram Live video broke the record

Here’s the video on YouTube that shows the full Instagram Live video of Acun Ilıcalı that broke the record.


How many views did the new Instagram Live record get

The live stream amassed a viewership that topped off at 3 Million viewers. Shattering all previous records. To put that in perspective, that is three followed by six zeros.

On May 25th, 2020, the Instagram live record was broken by a popular Turkish TV personality Acun Ilıcalı. It only took Ilıcalı 2 minutes to break the previous record which was held by American songwriter Daniel Hernandez (aka Tekashi69).

The record was broken when Ilıcalı broadcasted on Instagram Live with the Survivor 2020 celebrities. The fifty-year-old then requested the audience to follow Cedi Osman, a Turkish basketball player who currently plays in the NBA. Osman’s account then blew up by 600K new followers in under 10 minutes.

Who is the Acun Ilıcalı

Ali Acun Ilıcalı is a Turkish television icon who’s also an international TV producer and the owner of TV channels TV8 and TV8.5. Ilıcalı is listed in the Top 500 list of icons in the media and entertainment industry by Variety.

The Turkish TV personality began his career as a sports reporter at Show TV before he founded his own production company Acun Medya which quickly became one of the biggest production companies in Turkey.

Who held the record before this

The previous Instagram live record was set at two million users by American rapper and songwriter Daniel Hernandez who goes by the stage name Tekashi69 (or Tekashi 6ix9ine). Hernandez had then been recently released from prison and used Instagram live to promote his single ‘Gooba’ and talk about his two-year stint in prison.

Even before Tekashi69, the record was held by the live stream ‘Quarantine Radio’ which featured two huge artists Drake and Tory Lanez but had then-record 310K views.

Have you seen the record-breaking live stream yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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