What is Nearpod? All you need to know

In the wake of the pandemic, educational institutions have suffered gravely. With exams and teaching schedules thrown out the window, educators are turning to online resources. Luckily a number of websites and apps have popped up to help fill in the gap. Some of these stand out more than others, and one of those is Nearpod.

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod can be explained as an engagement app that brings educators and students on to the same platform. It is an educationally driven app that focuses on making both teaching and learning fun. Like other apps in its genre, Nearpod allows teachers to create lessons from scratch as well as upload their previously created lessons. Additionally, teachers can make use of the vast library of pre-made lessons available for free.

Nearpod helps educators make learning fun by employing concepts like polls, questionnaires, 3D images, and more.

How Nearpod Works

Nearpod creates a well-synced network for students and tutors alike. The app works in a similar fashion to Google Classroom and FlipGrid. Tutors can create entire lessons on the site and then decide how to engage students with their work.

Nearpod is also a great resource for teachers who are looking for ready-made lessons. You can share your custom made lessons with other tutors and help create an even larger network.

Nearpod is accessible cross-platform including Apple and Android devices and even has a web app that works on any browser. The idea is to make this educational tool accessible no matter where you are or what you use.

How Are Lessons on Nearpod

Nearpod lets educators custom create their own lessons from an array of options, including Google Slides. Teachers can easily upload their PowerPoints, PDFs, and more. Educators can create engaging content and add to their lessons, like quizzes, collaborations and bell ringer writing prompts.

If you do not have the time to create an entire lesson, don’t stress! Nearpod also has a ton of ready-made lessons just waiting for you to customize. These lessons are standardized with K12 systems. This means you can choose a lesson based on its grade to perfectly fit into your lesson plan.

Nearpod works flawlessly with Google Classroom. Its lessons integrate with learning management systems like Schoology and Canvas.

How do Nearpod assessments work

Nearpod has a comprehensive assessment strategy; not just for students, but for educators too. Nearpod is unique in that it lets you create Student Paced lessons. The idea behind this is to let students learn at their own pace. While most educational institutions have no choice to group students of the same age together, Nearpod understands that not all students learn the same way.

Student Paced lessons allow students to submit their work for assessment when they feel they have done a good job. Teachers can also be assessed by students in Nearpod. Additionally, teachers can track their students’ progress through the lessons to identify who might need more resources.

What is Nearpod VR?

Another aspect that sets Nearpod apart is its integrated Virtual Reality function. As VR is starting to go mainstream, Nearpod has come up with a brilliant way to use the technology to better education.

With Nearpod VR, teachers can take their students on a field trip to anywhere in the world! If you have a VR headset, that’s great, but you can also take the VR tour right in your browser.

Is Nearpod free?

Nearpod is free to use, however, it does have purchasable add-ons. These primary include pre-made lessons. Nearpod also offers Gold and Platinum accounts that have more features like allowing you to create your own VR tours, and unlocking all paid lessons. While the free version already offers a ton of features, the paid accounts are quite reasonably priced.

Gold Account Platinum Account
Per Month $10 $29
Per Year $120 $349

Have you tried out Nearpod yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.