What is Microsoft Teams Auditorium Mode?

Microsoft Teams Auditorium Mode

Microsoft is rising to the challenge to try and occupy the top spot when it comes to video conferencing apps. Since most people are working from home, and we don’t see a respite anytime soon, video conferencing apps are pretty much a way of life. Some of these stand out more than others, and Microsoft Teams is one of them. If you use Teams, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about the new ‘Auditorium Mode’. Well, here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Auditorium Mode in Microsoft Teams?

Video conferences are fine until you realize that you aren’t actually sitting next to anyone. These long workdays can get dreary if you’re sitting all by yourself. In a bid to make people feel closer to each other, Microsoft Teams has introduced a new form of virtual background. Auditorium mode uses AI segmentation to create a perfect cut out of you and place it over a virtual background.

While virtual backgrounds are nothing new, this is the first time you will be able to see other participants in the same background. Auditorium Mode currently only has one virtual background, an auditorium. The function places participants in a virtual background sitting on chairs.

Auditorium Mode is still quite new, and might just be the next big thing if people are being forced to continue working from home. It creates a feeling of belonging, that video conferences just don’t bring. Auditorium Mode actually lets you interact with other participants in the virtual environment to a small extent. You can ‘tap their shoulder’, or give them a ‘virtual high five’.

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Is it different from Together Mode?

No. Auditorium Mode is just another term that has popped up for Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode. Since currently there is only one virtual environment to choose from, people are touting it ‘Auditorium Mode’.

Together Mode was introduced earlier this month and is still in the early phase of the rollout. To know more about Together Mode check out our article below.

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How to get Auditorium Mode/Together Mode on Microsoft Teams

Together Mode will be pushed out as an update to your Microsoft teams app. The company states that the function should be available to all by the end of August, so you should be getting it sometime soon. All you can do for now is wait, and update your app as soon as your one is available.

If you do already have the update, enabling Together Mode is a simple process. When in a video conference, just click the three dots next to ‘Raise hand’ in the top panel, and select ‘Together mode’ from the drop-down menu.

Auditorium Mode is just one of the new functions that Microsoft will be rolling out for Teams. Microsoft is really pulling its socks up to match and even beat its competition. What do you think about Auditorium mode on Teams? Let us know in the comments below. 


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