What is Chrome Refresh 2023 and how to enable it

What to know

  • The Chrome Refresh 2023 is Chrome’s new design for the future.
  • The changes are minor with rounded corners, a larger address bar area, new icons, and more, all of which are reminiscent of the Material You design theme.
  • Users can check out Chrome Refresh 2023 by downloading Chrome Canary and enabling it from Google Labs (beaker icon next to the address bar).

Google Chrome is no stranger to new features and changes. But if there’s one area that desperately needs some change, it is design. Fortunately, one has been in the works for the past few months. Aptly titled Chrome Refresh 2023, the new design brings with it the taste of Material You and will soon be available to everyone in a few more months.

But in the meantime, if you want to check it out yourself and get a new refreshed Chrome look, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what the new Chrome design looks like and how you can get it too.    

Chrome Refresh 2023: A new Chrome design

Chrome Refresh 2023 is Google’s design choice for its browser going forward. Though there isn’t too big a transformation, and all the menus and features are exactly where you expect them to be, the new design focuses more on the corners and the fine margins, new colored areas, new icons, and a better dark theme.

The updated and refreshed look is well in keeping with Google’s broader Material You aesthetic choice that is perhaps best sported in Android 13 and 14. And the Chrome Refresh design brings exactly that – a refresh, not an overhaul.

The rounded corners are the easiest to spot for the fact that they’re basically everyone – context menus, address bar, tabs, bookmarks, you name it. Apart from the rounded corners, the context menu options have more padding at the top and bottom, making it longer than usual.

Chrome Refresh on the left

The address and bookmark bars are both slightly thicker, making it much easier to view them.

Chrome Refresh at the bottom

This also gives a little more real estate for the new icons that Google has included with the refreshed Chrome look which are also a touch bigger than before, with enough space around them to make them pop out. 

New icons are also available for all options in Chrome’s main three-dot menu, which is a first. 

Your profile settings option will also be highlighted in color, which is set according to your Chrome profile color.  

How to enable Chrome Refresh 2023 design

All the little design choices come together nicely to make Chrome visually more appealing. Here’s how to get it:


To get the Chrome Refresh 2023 design, you will have to first download Chrome Canary, which is Google’s experimental version of the browser where new features are first tested. 

Chrome Canary | Download Link

Click on the link above and select Download from the Chrome Canary page.

Once downloaded, click on it to start the installation. 

It should take a few seconds for the process to complete. 

Once done, Chrome Canary will open. Sign in to make it yours.

Method 1: From Google Labs

The Chrome Refresh redesign will need to be enabled. This can be done quite easily with Google’s Lab which lies to the right of the address bar as a beaker icon. Click on it to check out the recommended experimental features. 

In all likelihood, you will see Chrome Refresh 2023 at the top. Click on the drop-down menu there. 

Select Enabled.

Then click on Relaunch at the bottom.

Once it restarts, you will see the Chrome Refresh 2023 design applied.

Method 2: From Chrome Flags

On the off chance that you don’t see Chrome Flags under the Google Labs icon, you will have to enable the experiment feature via chrome flags. Here’s how to do so:

In the address tab, type chrome://flags and hit Enter.

In the search field, type Chrome Refresh and press Enter.

You will see two options – Chrome Refresh 2023 and Chrome WebUI Refresh 2023. 

For both of these, click on the drop-down menu next to them.

And select Enabled.

Make sure both of these are enabled.

Then click on Relaunch at the bottom.

And just like that, you would have enabled Chrome Refresh 2023. 


Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about Chrome Redesign 2023.

Did Chrome change its look 2023?

Chrome has been working for the past few months to make changes to its looks and align it with its broader Material You design. The changes are not transformative. Instead, Chrome has only refreshed its basic look with rounded corners, new icons in settings, and a larger address bar top. Collectively, it does add to a better Chrome visual design.

How do I get new Chrome design?

To get the new Chrome Refresh 2023 design, you will first need to download Chrome Canary. Once downloaded, enable it from the Google Labs icon to the right of the address bar. Alternatively, open chrome://flags and search for chrome refresh 2023, and enable the two results. 

The Chrome Refresh 2023 design refresh is how we can expect the world’s most popular browser to look going forward. The design elements are subtle and shouldn’t throw you off. All the important features and buttons are where you expect them to be, just with an updated look for 2023. 

We hope this guide helped you get your hands on the new Chrome Redesign 2023 and delight your eyes with the visual changes. Until next time!