What are Conversation Widgets in Android 12?

Every year Google graces us with major system overhauls that upgrade Android’s performance, security features, and a whole lot more. Although many of us are still waiting for the Android 11 update for our phones, Google is preparing to roll out its successor in Android 12 now.

The first Android 12 Developer Preview is yet to release, but a series of image leaks (obtained by XDA-Developers) give us a taste of what we can expect from the next major Android update. One of those purported upgrades comes in the form of Conversation Widgets. Here’s all we know about it so far. 

The Conversation Widget in Android 12

Android 11 introduced a “Conversations” tab under the notification tray. Though that is still present (as shown in the leaked screenshots), we can also see a new widget section that gives quick access to your conversations. 

Source: XDA-Developers

Folks over at XDA have revealed that the conversation widget will most likely be a mandatory feature of Android 12, regardless of the skins applied. That means OEMs will have to be prepared to include them in their own custom skins. 

Source: XDA-Developers

The widgets look much tidier and well organized compared to the lackluster widget design of previous builds. However, the Conversations Widget seems to hold only a single conversation type per widget. It is currently not clear exactly how Google is going to alter its new widget system to give it a substantive overhaul. 

Source: XDA-Developers

How Conversation Widget Will Help You

It is still early days to say what we might or might not get. But if we were to go by the screenshots from Google documentation Andriod 12 updates, then the conversation widget will provide quick access to “People Shortcuts”. As such, a conversation widget will contain missed calls, recent messages, the name and avatar of the sender, and status information.

Source: XDA-Developers

The authenticity of these screenshots cannot be verified entirely even though XDA guys have said that these come from a trusted source. We should see more changes and updates with the Android 12 Developer Preview, most likely releasing sometime later this month.