Watch the newest Angry Birds: Star Wars teaser video

Rovio has dropped a new teaser video today, for its upcoming Star Wars themed sequel – Angry Birds Star Wars. The new video, on similar lines as the previous teaser, features a short clip from A New Hope, with an original Star Wars character to start with, Princess Leia in this case, and then the focus moving on to a Star Wars inspired Angry Birds character.

If you have seen the Star Wars series as many times  as I have, you should be able to get the reference pretty quickly, and identify which Star Wars character the Red Bird is going to play in the game. Plus what the Angry Bird does in response to Princess Leia’s question, is again a spoof on the actual scene in A New Hope. 

The teasers so far, have been awesome, and funny, and I have no doubt that this game is going to be an A-one time killer, once it lands on November 8th. Till then, check out the new teaser, and May the birds be with you.

[youtube video_id=”sOBFUksIU1k” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]