Vodafone Romania launches Nokia 3, price set at €149

Carrier exclusives are nothing new in the Android smartphone world. The newly-announced HTC U11 is exclusive to Sprint in the US (though interested buyers can pick up an unlocked handset and use it on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), and even the Galaxy S Active series in the US is tied to AT&T.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL were announced last Fall as Verizon exclusives in the US, though interested buyers can pick up one from the Google Store and activate it on any US carrier. Kyocera’s DuraForce PRO provided a unique exclusive: only the Verizon variant received the Sapphire Shield display.

While phones are often exclusives in some instance, phone colors prove to be the other carrier exclusive alternative for manufacturers.

As for the HTC U11, the Sapphire Blue color is exclusive to carrier O2 in Germany. The Gold-colored HTC One M9 was exclusive to carrier EE, and Motorola’s Midnight Blue Moto G5 Plus was only released for the Latin America market. Color exclusives can prove to be as popular as phone exclusives (color exclusives are better, allowing consumers to still access phones even if they can’t purchase a certain color).

Vodafone Romania will get a phone color exclusive, the Copper White Nokia 3, for its network and customer base. The carrier made the announcement from its press release page today. While the Copper White variant is a Vodafone Romania exclusive, Vodafone will still sell the Copper Matte Black Nokia 3 as well.

The HMD Nokia 3 boasts the smallest screen of the Nokia 3-5-6 trio, featuring a 5-inch screen while the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 feature 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch screens. HMD has confirmed that the Nokia 3 along with the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will receive the Android 8.0.0 update. Vodafone will sell the Nokia 3 to customers starting on June 19th for €149 off-contract in its own retail stores, partner stores, and online.

Source: Vodafone Romania

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