Vivo Confirms Presence of Retina Scanner on Vivo X5Pro


For quite sometime, there were speculations that the Vivo X5Pro will feature a fingerprint scanner and retina recognition. The latest teaser from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer appears to confirm the presence of the retain recognition feature.

Vivo impressed the tech world with the launch of its X5Max smartphone late last year with a super slim profile of 4.75 mm and this device carries the world’s slimmest smartphone title. The firm was also among the first ones to incorporate a fingerprint scanner and launch a smartphone with a 2K display.

The next impressive feature that this firm is planning to bring is a security feature – retina recognition. It was rumored that the manufacturer might implement a retina scanner in the X5Pro for security purposes and other uses. Now, the teaser image from the firm has confirmed the same.


On its official Facebook page, Vivo claims “forget fingerprints” and that the upcoming smartphone X5Pro will let the users enjoy the safest access to the applications anytime just with a glance.

Though it is confirmed that there will a retina scanner feature, the technology that Vivo will be using is not known. ZTE has a scanner that will work along with the front facing selfie snapper and there are possibilities for Vivo to follow the same as it will partially explain the motive of using a 32 MP main snapper. The other method that the firm might include could be an IR scanner as in the Fujitsu model showcased at the MWC 2015 show.

Source: Facebook