Verizon rolling out Gear S3 update that adds watch faces sharing and more

Verizon is currently rolling out new software updates for the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier smartwatches. If you own either of these smartwatches from Samsung, then you should be receiving the update notification soon.

The update brings a couple of new features to the Gear S3. Firstly, you can now share your favorite watch face with others. Also, the OS now allows you to create new contacts and add events to the calendar with fields such as Title, Date, Time, Location, etc.

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If you are creating new Alarms and Reminders on your smartphone, these will be automatically synced to the Gear S3. The watch will now provide altitude information when you request for Location. Finally, the update brings continuous heart rate tracking and smarter alerts.

Remember, the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch runs on Tizen OS, and not on Android Wear. The new software version for the Gear S3 Classic is R775VVRU1BQJ8, and for the Frontier model, it is R765VVRU1BQJ8. Make sure your smartwatch is connected to a stable Wi-Fi or Cellular network and is fully charged before you install the update.


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