Verizon OnePlus 7 Pro troubling owners with call dropping, no texts

OnePlus 7 Pro force restart

Years after AT&T and T-Mobile were the only network choices available, the addition of Verizon stands for a big step forward. Just like the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro also supports all the network bands to work fine on Verizon. But since launch, Verizon subscribers have been reporting issues with incoming calls and text messages,  much like OnePlus 6T at launch.

Apparently, Verizon owners of OnePlus 7 Pro say that incoming calls from fellow Verizon iPhone owners are being constantly dropped when answered. If the Verizon OnePlus 7 Pro owner makes the call, it works just fine, but they tend to drop when they receive the call.

Also, whenever a call is received from a number that is not listed as a contact, it shows “RESTRICTED” while other users say they can’t receive text messages.


How to fix

Like what happened with OnePlus 6T, Verizon users of OnePlus 7 Pro facing the above issues are encouraged to call Verizon support and then ask them to add CDMA-Less as a feature to their account.

Although this should work magic, another simpler option is here.

Just so you know, OnePlus says the 7 Pro is fully certified to work on Verizon and will soon be listed on Verizon’s Open Development site, just like the 6T.