Get System-wide Gesture Controls on your Android device using Gesture Navigation Xposed Module

Modern day smartphones are supposed to be functional and intuitive at the same time. While the functional aspect has been taken care of by Google throughout various iterations, the intuitive aspect just can’t get good enough for every user out there. Android in itself has incorporated quite a few gestures in the OS and in various apps, but Xposed users can go all the way if they want to!

Xposed modules are a great way to go by modding and customizing your phone and are a good alternative to flashing the mods from recovery. While there are numerous modules available for Xposed, a few of them are quite unique in terms of the functionality they add. Gesture Navigation is one such new kid on the block which can specify various shortcuts and app-functions to multi-finger gestures.

After the installation of the module apk is complete, you should open the module interface and enable the gestures as you please after altering the Master switch. Each gesture has it’s own interface for selecting the action or app associated with it and the setup is quite easy. The DEMO version only supports two-finger and three-finger gestures though. You can download the module from the repository or the download interface of the Xposed Installer itself.

► Download Gesture Navigation