Use any Live Wallpaper as your Daydream feed. Android 4.2 only though.

If you’re using a Nexus device and have upgraded to Android 4.2, you would no doubt be familiar with the new Daydream feature that Google has added to its latest version of Jelly Bean. Daydream is like a screensaver which kicks in when the device is inactive for some time, and also allows you to choose what feed it should use on the display.

The default feed options are limited, and let you choose from the clock, Google Currents, Pics on your device and colors, although a growing number of apps are adding Daydream support in updates.

Live Wallpaper Daydream is a new app from developers Cypher Cove, which acts a little differently. Firstly it adds a Live Wallpaper option in the stock selection options for Daydream, and then it lets you select the Live Wallpaper you are using at that time as a Daydream screensaver.

Once activated, when the Daydream kicks in, all you see on the display is the Live Wallpaper in its entirety, without any homescreen icons or notifications and status bar. Touching the display gets you out of Daydream and back to your normal screen. Looks pretty cool, especially if you have a nice live wallpaper.

Only catch though is that it just picks up the live (or static) wallpaper currently in use, and does not really display different ones you may have on the device. As per the dev, that is apparently an Android limitation, but for now, this is pretty cool for a change.

You can download the Live Wallpaper Daydream for free from the Google Play Store, and it should work with all devices running Android 4.2 and have the DayDream feature built in.

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