Update 4.5.621 Coming Soon for Droid X

If you are still holding on to your beloved Motorola Droid X, you would be pleased to hear that it would be receiving a much needed update very soon. The 15.2MB OTA update will bring your device up to build 4.5.621 and also fix a variety of issues. Sorry to say, but it is not Ice Cream Sandwich update, but one ting is for sure, any update that brings about further improvements is more than welcome.

Key improvements include a better browser experience, improvements to the OTA process itself (will it result in quicker ICS update, well not), music player stability issues fixed, less message errors, and enhanced overall user experience with many bugs from previous builds fixed.

Have a look at the official changelog from the Verizon

So if you still have that Droid X, hold on to it till you apply this update. It is sure to bring about some much needed improvements for your device, and who knows, you may want to hold on to it for a while longer. If you want to share your thoughts on this, you can let us know in comments below.