Unlocked HTC 10 receiving July security patch in USA right now

HTC 10

A new software update is hitting the unlocked HTC 10 handsets in the USA as we speak. The update seems to bring various enhancements to the device along with the July security patch which fixes several bugs existing in the current build.

Arriving with the build 2.51.617.1, the OTA is a little north of 600MB in size which for a security patch is pretty big. HTC recommends you to download the update over Wi-Fi to stay away from additional charges which may incur if download via mobile data.

As mentioned above, the update has already been rolled out over-the-air (OTA) which means, you will see a notification pop up on your screen anytime now. If you haven’t received it, open Settings > About device > Software updates to check for it manually.

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HTC does mention that the update won’t “delete any of your content” on the phone it’s, however, safe to back up your data before hitting the install button. While you are at it, charge your HTC 10 and try to maintain at least 50% charge or above before installing the OTA.

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