Try this 2-min Google Safety Check and Get Free 2GB of Google Drive Storage for Lifetime

To mark the safer Internet Day, Google is offering a free 2GB of Google Drive Storage, simply in exchange for completing its security checkup.

As big-media organizations such as Sony Pictures have been hacked, online security is something you should take seriously.  Turning on things like two-factor authentication and setting up a strong password are great, but it’s not enough to sit back and relax. Google is motivating users to check if all of its security features are properly set up. If you don’t be careful in securing your account right now, then you might get into problems.

The process is very simple and may take less than 5 minutes to complete. The security features makes sure your backup email address is current, asks you whether any recent sign-in activity is odd, and to review your account permissions for various apps.

It’s a worthwhile security checkup. Right now, if you are too busy to complete the security check up, you have enough time till next Tuesday, February 17th to take part. Once you complete the process, green check marks appear and you are automatically eligible for Google’s offer. Google won’t deposit the free extra space right now, but it will be credited to all qualified users around February 28th. So don’t worry, the search engine giant will send you an email confirming the credit.

Via: phandroid