Top Reasons to Use Google Collections

Are you the person who often bookmarks the pages you visit to view them at a later stage? If yes, Google has a bookmarking-tool called Google Collections built right into the Google app on Android, which lets you sort out all the things you bookmarked including links, images, and places you found through Search.

Google has now upgraded this tool with its own AI and you can now get suggestions about items you searched for so that you can get back to doing what you started. Collections can be created depending on what you like and what you search for on Google and all of that can be shared with others.

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What is Google Collections

Having rolled out in 2018, Google Collections replaced Saved pages and later moved on to Google app’s main page. The feature was introduced as a built-in bookmarking tool to save links, images, and places when searching on Google.

The section offers Pinterest-like boxes with large cover images showing your favorite pages, places, and images, sorted by date. You can also add new collections, look out for more bookmarks, get suggestions for similar items.

Top reasons to use Google Collections

This article will explain why you should use Google Collections with the Google app and on the web to save and share your bookmarks.

  • Google Collections lets you group sets of links, places, and images into one. For example, the next time you’re looking to cook at home, you can view your collections of recipes within the Google app.
  • You can bookmark a page without selecting a particular group. By default, saved bookmarks, locations, and images will be assigned to ‘Favorite pages’, ‘Favorite places’, and ‘Favorite images’ respectively. After bookmarking, you choose to move your bookmarks to a separate collection of your choice.
  • With Google’s AI, the pages, places, and photos you searched for will be recommended to you for adding to Collections. These suggestions can be accessed at any time from the Collections tab in the Google app or on the web.
  • You can share Collections with friends and family through the native sharing tool, allowing others to view them.
  • Users can collaborate on Collections meaning the people you shared it to can also make changes to the bookmarks.
  • Collections can be accessed across all platforms through the web by logging on to

Do you use Google Collections? Why, or why not?


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