Top 12 AI-Powered Gadgets That Will Total Wow You!

Artificial intelligence technology has seen rapid growth over the past few years, with more innovations coming to light every day. AI is in our homes, workspaces, and even apparel! So today, we bring you the top 12 AI-powered gadgets that will leave you in awe. Let’s dive right in!



Picture this: You’re in an important meeting with multiple stakeholders. There is a steady stream of information coming your way. You have to take everything down, but you also have to analyze the info and respond to your clients on the spot. You are frantically typing out what they’re saying when you get stuck on a complex spelling, and there goes your train of thought.

Well, you can kiss all that goodbye, thanks to PLAUD NOTE, the world’s first voice recorder and transcriber, powered by ChatGPT. This nifty device can record up to 30 hours straight, with an onboard memory of 64 GB.

The best part? At the touch of a button, the AI will automatically record and transcribe everything in high quality, so you can focus less on bullet points, and be fully present in the room. Lectures, conferences, meetings, phone calls, everything is stored for you to refer to later, and completely automated.  

The device, which is not much bigger than a credit card, must be paired with the app on your phone. You use this app to access all your recordings. There is a subscription fee of $9.99 a month if you want to use the AI transcription services. A great quality-of-life feature is the Dual Engine slider, which lets you switch from normal recording to phone call recording instantly. This removes the hassle of having to open your phone, find the app, and record the call, all during a call. 


  • Long battery life
  • Slim form factor.
  • AI audio enhancement and transcription are top-notch
  • Very convenient Dual Engine slider for instant mode switch


  • Requires monthly subscription
  • No type-C charging port, only a magnetic cable
  • Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect automatically when you stop recording, which could affect battery life.

So, PLAUD NOTE is a one-button recording solution that could make various situations much more convenient, be it studies, work, or leisure.

2. Nikon Z f AI Full-Frame Camera

Source: Nikon

Nikon’s upcoming camera is packed with futuristic features inside a retro body. It has a 24.5-megapixel full-frame sensor, 299-point tracking autofocus with subject detection, in-body image stabilization, and an auto mode enhanced by Deep Learning technology.

This is where the AI comes into play. When you click a photo, the Deep Learning technology assesses the scenario to understand your intentions. It automatically adjusts the aperture and ISO shutter speed to give you the photo that you pictured in your head. Even in group portraits, the background is blurred automatically, while retaining the clarity on everyone’s faces, autonomously. 

Just like its siblings, the Z8 and Z9, which are priced at a higher range, the Zf comes equipped with the Exspeed 7 processor. This augments the autofocus, which can track anything from birds to cars to trains moving at high speeds, and gives you the most optimal focus and tracking thanks to the Deep Learning Technology.

At a competitive price and the evergreen retro look, this is a must-have for all photography enthusiasts. 


  • Deep Learning gives you the perfect shot based on your intent autonomously
  • Comes with a 24.5-megapixel full-frame sensor
  • Competitive pricing
  • Beautiful retro design housing all the modern features


  • Dual memory types (SD and microSD) limit performance
  • A Z7 II sensor would have been a better fit
  • Not many options for the retro-styled mirrorless Z lenses on the market

If you’re looking for something timeless outside and state-of-the-art inside, then this camera is the perfect gadget for you.

3. Hypershell Exoskeleton

Source: Hypershell

Have you ever what it would be like to have an Iron Man suit, with an assistant like Jarvis optimizing all your movements? Well, the Hypershell Exoskeleton might just be the next best thing. This device lets you ride a horse, without actually sitting on one.

With a peak output power of 1 HP and a maximum speed of 0.62 miles per hour, this augment turns you into a cyborg that can run faster, climb higher, and carry more weight as you go about your activities. This is aimed at reducing strain on your body by offsetting weight, both of the items you’re carrying, as well as your own body.

The onboard AI understands the terrain you’re walking on, adjusting the amount of power on the fly. This ensures that you get great mileage out of one charge, while not having to fight the machine for control in different conditions. 

And if that’s not enough, you can hold down the buttons on both sides of the device to activate Hyper Mode, which gives you power equivalent to 1 HP and bumps up the torque by 50%. With 9 different modes, and the AI deep learning tech, you can enhance your performance in a multitude of activities, like walking, running, cycling, or trekking.

The applications are endless, even for non-sporty activities. For example, you could be a professional photographer. Now, you might have to ferry around a heavy bag of equipment, which would tire you out much faster. But thanks to Hypershell Exoskeleton, you can shave off up to 66 lbs without the help of any intrusive contraptions. With a range of 15.5 miles, this could be the perfect companion for any physically taxing activity. 


  • Onboard AI technology adjusts to your posture and terrain automatically
  • Can help ease various strenuous activities by offsetting external weight being carried
  • Can help you reach certain adventure milestones by augmenting your overall physical endurance
  • Up to 15.5 miles of range


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited power means limited potential for a carefree adventure
  • Can’t augment all physical activities, like swimming

So, if testing limits and going beyond is on top of your to-do list, then the Hypershell Exoskeleton is going to be your new best friend.

4. Eigen Nodes

Source: Eigen

This next device is for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. The Eigen Node can be your ultimate gym buddy, with features that help you monitor your overall performance while reducing the risk of injury drastically. Simply put, Eigen Nodes are the only wearables in the world that are made for lifting.

The device can monitor various aspects of your workouts, like your range of motion, total power output, and peak velocity to form a specific data set tailored to your body’s reactions.

This information is then used when you are working out by notifying you, through both audio and haptic feedback, when you deviate too much from the most optimal motions. After all, it takes only one wrong move for a muscle tissue to be damaged, especially when heavy weights are in play.

It even adjusts your 1RM automatically when potential injuries are detected, which can avert crisis while letting you train without stopping. And in case there is some sort of injury, it recommends the optimal stretches to help mitigate the damage to your tissues.

The Eigen Fit app that comes with the node lets you build custom workout plans, find and connect with coaches in your vicinity, and get complete reports of your daily workout performance. The Eigen Node is a must-have if you are set on achieving your desired level of fitness through the safest and most optimal route.


  • Loads of performance analysis data, from rep variation, range of motion, joint angle measurement, etc.
  • The node itself is relatively cheap
  • Greatly improves safety and averts potential injuries
  • Provides rest and recuperation cycles custom-made for your body’s requirements


  • Requires a monthly subscription of $11.95/mo

If safety and performance tracking are high on your list of priorities when working out, then the Eigen Node is all you need.

5. Rewind Pendant

Source: Rewind

No, not the one Hermione used in Prisoner of Azkaban. This pendant is an AI-powered recorder that transcribes whatever you need, automatically. The wearable is meant to push your memory beyond human capabilities by recording anything, from conferences to shopping lists, and presenting them to you on your phone. The data is locally stored on your phone, and you can move it around the cloud through channels that are encrypted end-to-end.

Of course, a wearable like this raises questions about security and consent. What is to stop a person from recording someone without their consent? The developers have answered this by confirming the presence of a feature where the pendant records only those who have said the phrase, “Sure, you can record me.” The gizmo also stores high-quality transcripts, and not voice recordings.


  • Light and portable with a sleek design
  • Hassle-free pairing and transporting of information onto your phone
  • Can be used to take quick notes, hands-free


  • Security concerns are prevalent
  • The consent voice confirmation feature, though important, limits the use case greatly in public scenarios

If you’re a person who likes to jot down ideas, or are just forgetful and would like to remember how many eggs your wife asked you to get, the Rewind Pendant is the perfect buddy for taking notes autonomously.

6. Ray-Ban Meta

Source: Ray-Ban Meta

James Bond would be proud of the next product on our list. Ray-Ban has joined hands with Meta to produce the next generation of eyewear technology. The Ray-Ban Meta glasses come with a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera, open-ear speakers, a call function, and an onboard AI assistant that can help you with anything.

Yes, we’re still talking about just glasses, not a smartphone. Pretty amazing, right? It also comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means you can confidently rock these on rainy days. 

Just like the Rewind Pendant, there were some concerns about the (somewhat) hidden camera recording people without their knowledge or consent. But Ray-Ban has countered this by placing an LED indicator on the glasses, which lights up every time the lenses are recording.

If the wearer chooses to hide or cover the LED, the glasses ask you to uncover them before you proceed. On top of this, you can share all the pictures and videos you have recorded with your friends, or start a livestream through voice commands alone.

The glasses must be paired with your Meta account so you can manage your content and privacy settings on your smartphone. The glasses are compatible with Android 10 and above or iOS 14.4 and above.


  • A large variety of frames and styles to choose from
  • Available with prescription lenses
  • Let’s you take photos and videos completely hands-free
  • The Meta AI assistant can do a lot of things for you without having to get your smartphone out


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The tiny LED light for recording awareness might not be enough for passing pedestrians or in crowded public spots

So, if you’re looking for a stylish pair of glasses that can double up as a mini-smartphone with a tonne of features, the Ray-Ban Meta should be next on your wishlist.

7. StayrAI Smart Aquarium

Source: StayrAI

I have a love-hate relationship with my aquarium. On one hand, I love the different fish and corals inside, but on the other, cleaning and maintaining the aquarium is quite a hassle. I’m constantly worried about the fish whenever I travel somewhere. We’ve all been there.

Having to clean the aquarium, change the water, maintain temperature, provide nourishment for the flora and fauna can be time-consuming. One wrong step and things could take a bad turn. This is exactly what StayrAI Smart Aquarium is here to solve! This AI-powered aquarium manager performs various tasks autonomously, like automated water change, top-off, temperature optimization, conditioning, and more.

It also has a double Japanese dosing pump, which delivers conditioner doses to the plant and animal life inside the aquarium whenever necessary. Integrated with your smartphone app, StayrAI even alerts you instantly if anything goes wrong in the tank, from device malfunctions to casualties.

It also comes with a remote control for the lights, heaters, and other equipment in the tank, making this a single point of contact for all your aquarium needs.


  • Automation of various tasks like water management, temperature control, and dosing.
  • AI-controlled monitoring system always keeps conditions optimal in the tank
  • Much more electricity-efficient


  • No option for automated food dispensing, only liquid conditioners

So, if you have an aquarium that is a pain to maintain, StayrAI is the answer. Just plug it in, and go about your day. Your fish are in good hands.

8. Piaggio gitaplus

Source: Piaggio

Yet another step towards a cyberpunk society. The Piaggio gitaplus is, in essence, a cargo robot assistant that ferries your goods around. Loaded up with a wide array of sensors and cameras, the gitaplus will follow you around accurately. It will even avoid obstacles along the way, so you don’t have to constantly worry about it getting stuck or bumping into things, damaging your equipment.

The AI-powered bot can increase and decrease movement speed in real time by understanding your pace and stride. With a weight limit of 40 lbs, it can be a great companion, especially for kids with heavy books or people with special needs. 


  • Can help carry much more weight, without the hassle of lugging a trolley around
  • Smart AI features make your experience smooth and low-maintenance
  • One-button pairing is a simple solution for connectivity


  • Expensive
  • Extreme terrain might prove a challenge
  • Safety concerns

If you need a companion to follow you around with your stuff like a cybernetic pet, then step into the future with Piaggio gitaplus!

9. Pawly Door

Source: Pawly

This next one is for all the cat parents who are tired of their fur baby’s shenanigans. The Pawly Door is an AI-powered cat door that uses cameras and AI scanning tech to give you various quality-of-life features. For instance, it scans whether your cat is carrying prey when trying to enter, and the door locks itself until the cat drops it outside.

The companion app also gives you access to various metrics that can help you monitor your cat’s activities. Even when the cat is not around, the door stays locked for any external rodents trying to enter the house, keep your space safe and clean.

Even at night, the in-built infrared cameras make sure that the functionality of the door isn’t hindered. So, if you have a vet coming over, just use the app to lock the door and your cat won’t be able to play escape artist.


  • The app lets you lock and unlock the door whenever needed
  • Various metrics that help you monitor your cat’s lifestyle
  • The device can be installed on pre-existing cat doors


  • Relatively expensive
  • Subscription model for full-feature access

So, if you want to come back home to just your cat, and not twelve other creatures it’s carried in, then the Pawly Door is just what you’re looking for.

10. Ascento Guard

Source: Ascento

Remember the 80s film Robocop? Now, imagine a PG-13 version of that. Ascento Guard is a bipedal security bot whose primary objective is to keep your home safe and secure. It provides various features, like detecting people on the premises, verifying perimeter integrity, recording property lights, scanning for thermal anomalies, controlling parking lots, and checking doors and windows.

The bot can be controlled and monitored remotely through the app, so no need to worry if you’re away from home. It even automatically charges whenever needed at the charging dock, so it needs next-to-no maintenance.


  • Autonomous security that monitors your entire perimeter
  • Auto-charging and low-maintenance. 


  • Still in early stages of development
  • Price could be high

Embrace a one-stop solution to home security with Ascento Guard!

11. Huenit AI Camera & Modular Robot Arm

Source: Huenit

This nifty instrument brings laser engraving, 3D printing, and much more to your desk in an all-in-one setup. The Huenit AI Camera and Modular Robot Arm is a solid solution for creators and designers who need things done quickly and efficiently. Face recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, color recognition, human segmentation, and much more are made possible by the RISK-V based 64-bit processors and AI accelerators that the setup comes equipped with. You can even create your own AI language models with simple images, which the bot will learn promptly and store for future reference and reproduction. The applications are endless, and can really reduce the time spent on manually performing many of these tasks, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.


  • Multi-feature solution
  • Easy to use and autonomous
  • Quick learning AI is hassle-free


  • Expensive

So, solve all your production problems in one fell swoop with the Huenit AI Camera & Modular Robot Arm, and multiply the speed of projects with an entire arsenal of tools working autonomously.

12. VersaWare Cutting Board

Source: VersaWare

If you are conscious about what you eat and are always shuffling between notes to count nutritional values before every meal, you should consider the Versa Ware Cutting Board.

Powered by AI, it studies and understands your daily dietary patterns, in turn giving tailored regimens for you to follow. In fact, the moment you place any food component on the cutting board, it instantly tells you the nutritional values, removing the hassle of external measurement and calculations.

It even provides you with different recipes around the ingredients used to mix up your diet. It can connect to your smartphone, is washable, and has a long battery life. With rising health concerns among the youth, this could very possibly be a common household item in the near future.


  • Full nutritional analysis
  • Instant data on ingredients
  • Custom-made diet plans
  • Easy to use


  • None

Bring home a personal nutritionist at your disposal 24/7, the VersaWare Cutting Board is here to make your health journey easier.

And that wraps up our list of the 12 best AI-powered accessories that can make your life easier. Did any of these products catch your eye? Let us know in the comments! For more from the world of tech, stay tuned to NerdsChalk!