Tomawatchi is a Google Fit Powered app that gives you a great partner to encourage you to work out daily

If you are thinking that caring for your pet a lot can keep you healthy and fit then you should consider this app called Tomawatchi. Utilizing the Google Fit’s APIs, this app takes us back to the mid-90’s Tamagotchi digital pet toys.

The Tamagotchi game was loved around the world and was made available on smartphones. The game can be played in two modes — toy mode and app mode. In either of the modes, you will have fun raising Tamagotchi — an interactive virtual pet. You can play games with the toy, feed tamagotchi with food and take care of it when it falls sick and it will evolve into a good companion.

Now, Tomawatchi is a fun app to encourage you to stay fit through step counting. When you perform your daily activities such as eating, bathing and walking, your pet will also be done with the same activities. If you don’t miss out any of your daily activities, you will have a very healthy and happy Tomawatchi pet. If you miss any of your daily chores, the app shows you are not getting enough steps in a day and your pet begins to lose health.

The number of steps in the app indicates how well you are doing in a day, giving you a better picture if you are leading a healthy lifestyle. The app is pretty and your Tamagotchi pet can become your perfect partner for when you work out.

The Tomawatchi app is available as a free download from Google Play. But you need to have the Google Fit app installed on your smartphone as well.

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