Three Austria offering Galaxy A3 and A5 2017 with free Samsung Scoop speakers worth £39 and clear case

Galaxy A3 2017

Three Austria seems to be throwing yet another offer on Samsung handsets today. This time around, it’s the customers who are planning to buy the Galaxy A3 and A5 2017 are on the benefiting side as either of the smartphones will be bundled with a Samsung Scoop speaker and a Clear Cover.

It’s worth noting that these accessories will be provided entirely for free only if you choose the Top XL, Top XXL, and Top Premium plans with the Galaxy A3 2017. For the Galaxy A5 2017, however, you will have to choose either the Top XXL or Top Premium plans to get the Scoop speaker and Clear Cover without paying any money.

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Other plans namely the Pure, and the Top will also get you these accessories but you will have to shell out a little extra amount on top. That said, even if you were to pay a little extra amount, it’s still a good deal considering the accessories you are getting for the asking price.

FYI, the Samsung Scoop speaker alone costs you £39.00 if you purchase it individually from Samsung.

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