Three Austria launches Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Mobile Care edition with 2 years warranty


Just in case you are worried if your Galaxy S8+ or the S8’s display is fragile, here’s a good news for you. Three Austria has launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Mobile Care edition which provides two years of warranty for free!

The Galaxy S8 and S8+, without any doubt, are two of the gorgeous phones out there! Needless to say, the near bezel-less display steals the show. But, people seemed to be a bit worried about the display being fragile especially considering the fact that there’s little to no bezel to protect the screen.

And, in a way, the Mobile Care edition serves just the right purpose. All you have to do is order the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ online. You’ll be provided with a code upon delivery which can be used to register in the Mobile Care app.

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To do so, first, download the Mobile Care app from Google Play Store. Link for the same is provided below. Once you download the app, open it and click on “order now” and then create a Samsung account. You can directly sign in if you already have one.

Then, enter the code which you received with the handset and upload proof of purchase. Once you are done with the registration process, the 2-year Mobile Care certificate will be sent to the specified email address.

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