This guy made Google Lens’ WiFi feature 3 years ago

During Google I/O 2017, the company announced a new project called Google Lens. With Lens, you can use your phone’s camera to get more information out of something by pointing the camera at it. For example, point the camera at a phone and Google Assistant would provide you more details about the phone.

Another thing Lens can do, is connect to a WiFi network when you point the camera at your WiFi routers label and the password. It is context aware, and will automatically connect you to the WiFi network with the details.

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Now, a Redditor claims that he had developed the Google Lens WiFi feature about 3 years ago, and called it Quick-WiFi. However, he didn’t go ahead with releasing it, as he believed that people wouldn’t use an app just to connect to the internet. And that is sort of right. To get an idea of his app, check screenshots below:

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But, hey, Google Lens can do a lot more than just connect to the internet, so it is more useful, and people would definitely want to use it. You can check out the Reddit users Github page on the project.

Source: Github

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