T-Mobile to update G2 with Wifi Calling and Tethering beginning Nov 3

tmobile G2 wifi call tether update

T-mobile looks set to update its G2 android phone with the Wifi Call and tethering functions. Beginning Nov 3, the update will start rolloing out covering all the devices by Nov 8.

WiFi calling on a phone is a much sought after feature and G2 users are simply gonna love that. It simply lets users make a call or send a message using a WiFi network. But users need to remain in the WiFi network area or else, calls will be dropped (obviously!).

Another highlight of the update is the tethering feature which lets phone to be used as a modem to connect other devices to the internet. T-Mobile will bring in a $15 tethering add-on plan to let users connect up to 5 devices using G2.

The update will be sent over the air and will also include other little features apart form the above two. It’s the first OTA update for G2, the one which was widely anticipated since these features were badly missed at the launch of G2.

FYI, If your phone isn’t having tethering ability, you can have it from a free android app, PdaNet.

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