T-Mobile begins rollout of Galaxy S6 Nougat update

Whenever a new update arrives from Google to Android handsets, the biggest questions arise for carrier-locked handsets. Smartphone owners start questioning when they’ll receive the update, and the carriers themselves try to compete to see who can please its users the fastest and deliver the coveted update(s). In most cases, though, users with carrier-locked handsets can expect Android 7.0 Nougat in as much as 6-7 months from the time of Google’s OS release. 

In the Galaxy S6 Nougat update race, though, AT&T beat T-Mobile all around by rolling out its update early last month, but Magenta isn’t ready just yet to relinquish the fight just yet. Though nearly two months behind, T-Mobile is ready to roll out Google’s latest sweet treat for the now two-year-old Galaxy phone. We heard word hours ago that T-Mobile would roll out Nougat, and it appears as though that rumor was spot-on. T-Mobile is one of the earliest with updates in the US, though even Magenta can be weeks behind Google in Android update releases.

Android 7.0 Nougat brings features such as Daydream VR-readiness, Doze On The Go, background updating, Custom Quick Settings that allows you to arrange your settings tiles, Notification Direct Reply that lets you respond to a text or email from within your notification shade, Bundled Notifications that gather notifications from one app in the same place, and more.

Google is looking to address the Android fragmentation issue, proposing Project Treble at its latest I/O Conference as a way to speed up the update delivery process by ensuring that the vendor implementation will always be compatible with the OS Framework for future system updates.

Head on over to your T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and hit that update button.

Source: T-Mobile