Statusbar Gestures Xposed module let’s you launch apps with gestures from your Statusbar

Xposed modules are great at what they do and how efficiently they do it – sometimes adding some new functionality, while enhancing the existing capabilities of your device on other occasions. Whether it be the home launcher of your device, some sound mods, or the system UI itself; interactions are done effortlessly behind the curtains without the need of flashing anything via recovery. And since the System UI did come to our mind, the module in spotlight today is related to the most significant part of the system UI, that is, the StatusBar.

If you are rather crazed about making apps easily accessible on your Android device, so much so that you could even use those few pixels at the top of your screen; then that’s exactly where the ‘Statusbar Gestures’ Xposed module comes into play.

This Xposed module is lightweight and quite effective at what it does. The app UI has nothing too complicated and all you need to do is activate the module, reboot the phone, assign various apps to specific gestures, and you are good to go. There are specific dialog boxes for taps and swipes which may respond by launching your preferred apps or shortcuts. One thing worth noticing is that there’s a dialog box for ‘advanced options’ too, which, even though unstable, is quite promising. When these advanced options are enabled, users can choose the touch-and-hold times and swipe lengths for triggering the actions. Let’s hope that the developer works on these features and brings about an update soon.

Oh! And did we forget to mention that this module is already coined as ‘stable’, so you should have no hesitation in going ahead to the link below and give it a try!

→ Download Statusbar Gestures Xposed module