Sprint to release Galaxy S8 Active soon?

Samsung Galaxy S Active series has always been exclusive to AT&T. Besides that, the Active phone is never released in any other country. It looks like Samsung is about to break some traditions.

Launched in August, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has been exclusive to AT&T since then. But a new report suggests that Samsung will break the exclusive partnership with AT&T and bring the device to other carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint.

While the news about S8 Active coming to T-Mobile broke out in September, Sprint also releasing S8 Active is a new story. According to Evan Blass, who happens to be the source of this news, reports that Galaxy S8 Active on T-Mobile will have model number SM-G892T. For the unaware, the currently available AT&T exclusive S8 Active has model number SM-G892A. Interestingly, in September, another device with model number G892U was spotted on Wi-Fi Alliance. U here stands for unlocked, which means there are good chances that Samsung might release the device in other countries too.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active or the S Active series, in general, comprises of tough smartphones. The tougher S8 Active is a rugged and durable smartphone that features larger 4000mAh battery as compared to 3000mAh present on the standard S8. The other area where Active smartphone differs is the display. Unlike standard S8, S8 Active doesn’t feature a curved display. Other specifications are same as standard S8.

Currently, no information is available about the price and the availability of the device. As soon as we get some more information, we will update you.

Meanwhile, Samsung recently released the beta build of Oreo OS for Samsung Galaxy S8. If you are a T-Mobile or Sprint user in the US, you can join the Galaxy Beta program here. However, if you are on Verizon, AT&T, and other US carriers, you can download Oreo here.

Source: Twitter