Spotify Introduces Spotify Miniplayer to its Windows Desktop App

What to know

  • Spotify’s desktop app can now switch to a resizable mini-player. 
  • Switch to the mini-player from the bottom right corner of the app. 
  • Spotify’s mini-player has controls for both music and video playback. Currently, it’s only available for Premium users. 

Spotify has all the features that users could want on its desktop app. But when one is in the midst of work and has to change tracks, adjust volume, or pause, one has to switch windows and be on the Spotify app. It’s small work but it does get annoying after a while and breaks the workflow. 

Fortunately, Spotify has finally introduced a mini-player for its Windows desktop app. The update will now allow you to switch to the mini-player by clicking on its icon at the bottom right corner of the app (between the volume and the full-screen buttons). 

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The mini-player always stays on top but takes up very little screen space. You can resize it to make it bigger or smaller as per your needs and desktop layout. The mini-player caters to both music as well as videos and includes 15-second seek forward or backward controls for video podcasts.

And whenever you need to return to the main Spotify app, simply click on the Artist name, Song name, or Album art. 

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The feature is currently being rolled out to Spotify Premium users so it may be a while before you get this update. Although Spotify’s web version already has this mini-player feature, its availability on the desktop app makes much more sense in terms of convenience and actual day-to-day usage which Spotify users are already appreciating.  

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